Monday, 27 February 2012

Mr Funny Bunny and other news

Well, last week, honestly even more than a week, was quite hard. First my husband was ill, then it was me and finally he vent to the cookery competition in London for two days. By the way, he got the second place there and I'm really proud of him!
So theese are my excuses for not updating the blog. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I didn't waste my time, I even made some new crochet project to share. I made Mr Funny Bunny - a crocheted bunny who can shake his head together with his big ears.


Here you can see that The Little Man loved his new friend.

crochet bunny

Basically, the bunny is made from oddments. Yes, this is the same blue yarn I used for Little Man's cardigan. And this is important. Because before making this bunny I had an idea to make bunnies from all my year 2012 project yarn leftowers. And this bunnies should be different. And there should be at least 10 of them till the end of the year.

This week was an important one for My Little Man, who turned three months on the 22nd. I am trying to teach him how to play with stuffed toys like the teddy bear my sister sent him from Denmark. And he finally realized that teddy bear can be his friend:


And plus to that this week for the first time in his life he grabbed a toy by himself with his tiny little fingers. As a mum I was proud for the whole evening and of course made some pictures of that historical moment:


And i started one more knitting project a while ago. I know, I've got to many unfinished projects at the moment, but just look at this gorgeous optimistic green colour and you will understand me.



  1. Cute bunny! :)
    And the last one is green, not blue, isn't it? :)

  2. ups, of course it's green :))))