Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow all around

Today I woke up in the morning and saw nothing but shades of white and pale blue - it was the mist coming down the hill and hiding all the bright colours. It was so beautifull that we took The Little Man and my camera and went out to make some pictures.
So, this is how the hill looked like:


I couldn't resist to make some close-ups of the snow. It just makes every tree beautiful, doesn't it?




The only vibrant colour I saw exept our jackets (yes, we like juicy vibrant colours) was this tree:


I just like the picture. It looks a bit vintage, like an old postcard.

Our Little Man didn't want to woke up in the beginning, but then he felt a nice touch of sun on his cheek and opened his eyes, so we managed to make some nice family photos.




I made no crochet today, but I've spent some lovely time with my family and I belive this is one of those days that stay in my memory for the whole my life.

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