Thursday, 4 September 2014


Sometimes I think that it would be nice to have daughters, lovely little girls with their dolls who would definitely need lots of crocheted and knitted dresses, booties and other stuff, plus I could make endless teddies and bunnies, because girls just like teddies and bunnies. But I have two little boys and they don't need any doll clothes or teddies and bunnies. My house is full of cars, trains, helicopters and railroads. Probably that's why I decided to try to crochet a car for my youngest one. He is starting to crawl and when I see him near wooden or metal toys, or anything with sharp corners, I don't feel that this toys are safe enough, I want to protect him at least by giving him toys that are totally safe to play with. 
I wouldn't say that I am totally satisfied with the result. Probably cars are just not something for me, I'm much better at making bunnies and teddies... Anyway at least it's safe and can be chewed too, as it's made of cotton. Hopefully the little one will like it, especially if I hide all the plastic and wooden cars :)