Sunday, 31 August 2014

Walking and looking for inspiration

You never know which simple things can make you super happy until you get them. That was exactly the feeling I had today after I bought a double buggy. Oh yes, I needed a double buggy as 6 month ago our family grew bigger. Now Little Man is not so little, at least not the smallest one in the house :) So, as I was saying, I bought a double buggy and had a long forgotten feeling of freedom when I was finally able to go for quite a long walk with my two little people. I know it might sound stupid - a baby, a toddler, you and freedom just don't come together, but in fact it was the feeling that I control the situation, that gave me some sort of freedom, freedom of choosing the length of walk, the direction, the speed. And for the first time in this long months a walk out with little ones was pleasant, not stressful. Now I honestly have no idea how could I survive without that double buggy :) Here are a bit of pics of our walk. Just wanted to share that lovely feelings of mine with you all.

We went to the Mere which is like 5 min from our home. Well, may be 10. Anyway it's really close and it's the only place like this near our house. This year there are surprisingly lots of swans. It's like three times more than what you see on the pic. So we had some fun feeding them. little Man even managed to touch one of them ( probably he wanted to give swan a cuddle).

That's how the Mere looks. Now it's a bit neglected with trees uncut and that green stuff in the water, but it's still beautiful.

A bit of autumn already.

I treated myself with some berries found along the way. 

In the end, when the smallest person was asleep me and Little Man had something like lunch in the open caffee. Well, he had some chips and I had some tea with my berries and we both felt really related and happy. Such a nice feeling. Hope there will be lots and lots of walks like this in the future with some nature inspiration, photos and relaxation.