Monday, 27 February 2012

Mr Funny Bunny and other news

Well, last week, honestly even more than a week, was quite hard. First my husband was ill, then it was me and finally he vent to the cookery competition in London for two days. By the way, he got the second place there and I'm really proud of him!
So theese are my excuses for not updating the blog. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I didn't waste my time, I even made some new crochet project to share. I made Mr Funny Bunny - a crocheted bunny who can shake his head together with his big ears.


Here you can see that The Little Man loved his new friend.

crochet bunny

Basically, the bunny is made from oddments. Yes, this is the same blue yarn I used for Little Man's cardigan. And this is important. Because before making this bunny I had an idea to make bunnies from all my year 2012 project yarn leftowers. And this bunnies should be different. And there should be at least 10 of them till the end of the year.

This week was an important one for My Little Man, who turned three months on the 22nd. I am trying to teach him how to play with stuffed toys like the teddy bear my sister sent him from Denmark. And he finally realized that teddy bear can be his friend:


And plus to that this week for the first time in his life he grabbed a toy by himself with his tiny little fingers. As a mum I was proud for the whole evening and of course made some pictures of that historical moment:


And i started one more knitting project a while ago. I know, I've got to many unfinished projects at the moment, but just look at this gorgeous optimistic green colour and you will understand me.


Friday, 24 February 2012

Would you like to live there?

Would you like to live in a place like these, surrounded by noone, just pure nature beauty? A couple of years ago I would say "no", I would even be scared because all I would see in this picture is emptiness an solitude. Now I see life abd beauty and meditation and peace. So this is how I changed...
Now I feel like I finaly found the way to myself, to my true inner identity. And this is all because of my husband and My Little Man who changed my life and my attitude to life.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

what is life drama and why should we be happy

I'm just sitting here, crying and thinking about life and love. I know, this blog should be happy and positive, but some words should be told.
Surfing the internet today, when my boys are asleep and I have my "hour for myself" I discovered stories about babies having EB. Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a very rare genetic condition in which the skin and internal body linings blister at the slightest knock or rub, causing painful, open wounds. More info on what is EB can be found here . And some people die from it even before they get to their first birthday. I just read some baby life stories, like Little Tripp story orLittle Leah story. Find some time, read it and you will understand why am I writing this post.

After reading I just had to make a note to myself -  be thankful for all the years, days and momenth you spend with your loved ones, give them all the love you have and even more if you can, make them happy and be happy to share every moment with them. And feel happy and lucky because you have this opportunity. Some people don't.
There are moments when I feel not happy, when I become angry when My Little Man cries too loud and for too long, when I become annoyed with my husband for some reason. But in fact I should be thankful to the God (faith or any other power above us) that they are with me, they are healthy and happy. I will really try to remember that. And there is no drama in my life, no excuse to be depressed and feel unlucky. Parrents of Tripp and Leah have dramas, this is the real disaster, and all my tiny microscopic tragedies are not.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My little family

Today most of the day we spent at home making some bread, playing games, talking to grandma in Scype. We like beeing together and our little one loves it when it's mum and dad near him.
The only social thing for today was baby massage first lesson. It was nice - lots of babies, lots of smiles from my Little Man who enjoued all of it. The funny thing is that he looked bigger than other babies in the group despite the fact that they are actually older than he is. :)

My Stick Family from

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Booty madness

Well, most of the crochet I made last week was baby booties. 7 of them!




The pattern is super easy and can be found in DIY Maven blog. I used 5mm crochet hook and some aran weight wool (I'm not shure about this, the yarn is some strange one, bought from China; at least it looks more like aran then like DK). I just changed to little things. First of all instead of joining heel part with sc row I just sew that together, because I thought of how baby will probably feel the seam with his tiny feet. And the second thing was two dc instead of one in the corners of the bootie upper part. This way the corners have more triangle shape.
I really enjoued working with this pattern and I hope that little triplets (2 boys and a girl) and another little girl will enjou wearing them aswell.

And after finishing this booties I accidently discovered one more nice and easy pattern that would be good for girls. I should try it next time someone I know has a baby.

Last week in pictures

It is so hard to believe that last week it was really cold outside and we had a lot of snow. I even had to stay home instead of going to my knitting club (yes, we have a knitting club and some day I will make a special post about in). All I could do is stay at home and make some photos through the window. Like this one:


Even the next day it was quite tricky to go down the hill witl Little Mans pram. But we managed to do it and had a nice walk in the park down the road. I've allready posted some pictures from there. It is a nice place with a pond (not shure if that is an artificial one or not) with some little iselands on it and a couple of bridges. There are no squirrels sike near our old apartment, but there are ducks, swans and geese.



The pond was covered with ice and looked amazing.


I made some nice close-up photos of leaves under the snow. I really like this kind of pictures and can't resist making a photo when I see some beautiful piece of nature like this.



That's why I've got tons of photos like this and I never print them out because I'm not shure what should I do with them after printing. So it's nice to have my own blog and post them here just for my own pleasure and inspiration :)

My little Man tried out his new outfit with funny red stripes and a train.


 I think he looks great in it :) It just makes me wonder why so many baby clothes are stripy? is there some secret meaning in it?

Then it was a couple of days when we both felt sleepy. Little Man is a lucky one - he can sleep when he wants and as many hours as he wants.




But adults can't just sleep the whole day through, so I was truing to make myself busy implementing the lack of energy with a lot of coffee. It didn't really help, but I made some baby crochet stuff and fount some nice baby crochet and knitting patterns fot the future.
Well, it wasn't a bad week after all. Especially the time I've spent with my Little Man and my husband :)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Baby ripple blanket progress

I've done some crocheting and my ripple blanket is growing. Here is some progress.




At first I didn't realize that I can simply hide my yarn ends inside the next row and some ends are left just as they are.


I will hide them later just using a needle. But hiding them while I crochet the next row is simplier and quicker of course. Just need to remember it for the future.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow all around

Today I woke up in the morning and saw nothing but shades of white and pale blue - it was the mist coming down the hill and hiding all the bright colours. It was so beautifull that we took The Little Man and my camera and went out to make some pictures.
So, this is how the hill looked like:


I couldn't resist to make some close-ups of the snow. It just makes every tree beautiful, doesn't it?




The only vibrant colour I saw exept our jackets (yes, we like juicy vibrant colours) was this tree:


I just like the picture. It looks a bit vintage, like an old postcard.

Our Little Man didn't want to woke up in the beginning, but then he felt a nice touch of sun on his cheek and opened his eyes, so we managed to make some nice family photos.




I made no crochet today, but I've spent some lovely time with my family and I belive this is one of those days that stay in my memory for the whole my life.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ripples, inspiration and snow

Well, here I am, starting my first crochet ripple blanket. This are the colours:

Yarn for crochet ripple

Yarn is Cuore For Baby by KATIA, 50g/190mts, 80% acrilic, 25% merino, 15% polyamide. It is extremely soft and nice to touch, so should be an ideal thing for the baby blanket. I bought it from Knitters World Scarborough and the price was fantastic, but only because this yarn has been discontinued by KATIA.
Actually I bought it while I was pregnant to make a warm slipsuit for My Little Man, but then I realized how much time will it take to knit a slipsuit with so fine yarn. So I decided to crochet a baby blanket for my husband's cousins baby who should be born in April.

One more thing I want to share today is more inspirational. Probably I'm a bit crazy about doing two things in the same time, but I manage to search the Web while breastfeeding and today I was looking for some clothes made with granny squares. Most of the pictures are quite odd and boring in the same time, but this four looked quite cool to me.

Granny crochet dresses

I really love them all, especially the last one. It looks so cool and modern despite it's just the old well-known granny squares.

And finally the last news for today - it's snowing here! I really like snow. I missed the snow so much this winter and finaly it's here. This is how it looks through my sitting room window:

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Just a little To-do-list

I've got so much going on here and so many ideas in my head so I feel urgent need in writing them down or I might forget something.
So, in this two month time I want (or even I need) to do the following:

1. Baby blanket (should be a crochet ripple but I might change my mind because I didn't start yet, just picked up the colours)
2. A crochet teddy bear (again - picked up the yarn and still thinking about the design)
3. Would be great to finish "Green fields" blanket (wow-wow, that's brave - it still needs some 80 rows)
4. Need to crochet a couple of bunnies like this in yellow and purple perhaps and finish the pattern for them
5. Need to finish a crib bamper quilt for my Little Man's bed (found some tutorials on Vanilla joy).
6. I have an idea of pillows for baby room and all I know so far that they should be crocheted decorative pillows. Should try to make the sketches and figure out the patterns.

Isn't it too much allready, especially if I have a two-month old 24/7? But we'll try, and I should try twice as hard on 1, 2 and 6.

Beautiful Bloggers Blanket 2012

Last week I accidently found a project I immediately wanted to participate in - Beautiful Bloggers Blanket 2012 held by Jill. I think it is really amazing when people from different places and different countries are making something together. And this blanket should trully be unique, containing a little peace from every crocheter who participated in the project. Just imagine snuggling in a blanket that contains from different squares in hundreds of colours that each are telling you the story of their creator.
So in the next evening, when my Little Man was sleeping I found the designs I liked and my favourite cotton yarn and this is what I made for the project:

granny squares

Hope Jill already got them and they will fit nicely into the blanket.