Thursday, 16 February 2012

Last week in pictures

It is so hard to believe that last week it was really cold outside and we had a lot of snow. I even had to stay home instead of going to my knitting club (yes, we have a knitting club and some day I will make a special post about in). All I could do is stay at home and make some photos through the window. Like this one:


Even the next day it was quite tricky to go down the hill witl Little Mans pram. But we managed to do it and had a nice walk in the park down the road. I've allready posted some pictures from there. It is a nice place with a pond (not shure if that is an artificial one or not) with some little iselands on it and a couple of bridges. There are no squirrels sike near our old apartment, but there are ducks, swans and geese.



The pond was covered with ice and looked amazing.


I made some nice close-up photos of leaves under the snow. I really like this kind of pictures and can't resist making a photo when I see some beautiful piece of nature like this.



That's why I've got tons of photos like this and I never print them out because I'm not shure what should I do with them after printing. So it's nice to have my own blog and post them here just for my own pleasure and inspiration :)

My little Man tried out his new outfit with funny red stripes and a train.


 I think he looks great in it :) It just makes me wonder why so many baby clothes are stripy? is there some secret meaning in it?

Then it was a couple of days when we both felt sleepy. Little Man is a lucky one - he can sleep when he wants and as many hours as he wants.




But adults can't just sleep the whole day through, so I was truing to make myself busy implementing the lack of energy with a lot of coffee. It didn't really help, but I made some baby crochet stuff and fount some nice baby crochet and knitting patterns fot the future.
Well, it wasn't a bad week after all. Especially the time I've spent with my Little Man and my husband :)

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