Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Some inspiration for today. José Antonio Sorolla

Field. Oil on canvas.

Some more of his works can be found here:

Don't you just love this blue and golden together? I'm going to make a neclace with this two colours and I wasn't shure about it untill I saw this picture. Now I know that they work together brilliantly well.

Bunny inspiration vol.1. TheCartBeforeTheHorse

Yes, I'm obsessed with bunnies. I keep collecting pictures of bunnies (not alive ones, but mostly paintings and drawings). So I decided to make a set on my Flickr where I could store all my bunny pictures to use them as some inspiration and to share in my blog. And I will start with some beautifull bunny dolls created by TheCartBeforeTheHorse:



I just love them with all of their details and their personalities.

Colourfull set. Tea cozy and coasters.

Just realized, that I forgot to share one bright  crocheted set I made in the end of 2011 for a friend. And I think it's worse sharing.

Granny tea cozy


granny tea cozy and doilies

It's the set of tea cozy and 6 coasters. For the coasters pattern I used the Flower coaster pattern from lovely Sucrette, but I slichtly changed it. This is how the original looks:

I changed row 4 as I didn't want big holes in my coasters. I made 4 dc ch1 instead of 3 dc ch2 all the row round.
And the tea pot was a variation of the same pattern on top and then grany style net.
I didn't make the pattern for the tea cozy, because it was made exactly to match the shape of the tea pot I had, so it woun't work on bigger or smaller pots.

In the end I would like to say thank you to the pattern owner, Sucrette. Her beautiful works inspire me and I really like her blog

Sunday, 11 March 2012

+20 in our yard

Last two days were so warm that I could even not believe that it's still March, not July out there. +20 in the 10th of March!!! Can you imagine?!
And that is why we spent allmoust all the time outside in our yard. Little man was out without any jackets or cardigans for the first time.


And I took a chair and the ripple I'm knitting for a little baby Leon and sat outside crocheting and enjoing the sun.


I must say that having a yard is wonderfull. I didn't realize it when we were looking for some bigger place to live expecting the birth of Little Man and my husband started dreaming of a house with a yard. I wanted to find an apartment to be honest, but now I'm so glad that we choose a house.

My Little Man's first trip


On friday, as my husband had a day off we decided to make a one-day trip and chose Whitby for that purpose. The most important thing was that this trip was the first one for our Little Man. He did well in the bus and was ok almoust all the time in the town. But before going back he started screaming and crying for no reason so we decided that probably this trip was too long for him and we should vait before trying to make something similar again.
Still I managed to make some pictures.











Whitby is a nice town with it's own atmosphere, but it's a really small one in comparison with ours. Still the sea was amazing. And scones in Whitby Tea Rooms were good aswell. There we stopped to feed Little Man and to have some coffee.



That's how the Little Man looked when asleep. Most of the time back he was like that and woke up in the last 20 min. Then I had to take him and we were looking at the hills, houses and trees we passed.


Probably he is really too small for going somewhere for the whole day, but i just couldn't sit at home one more day. I really needed some new places. And I like the process of going to some destination. Sometimes I like that even more than the destination point itself.
Now, with Little Man it's all different. But I hope to show him how beautifull this world is and that traveling is wonderfull, because it is a process of collecting world beauty in your treasury. I hope he will like it as I do.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Some inspiration for today. Hector Fernandez.

Hector Fernandez, "Paint Cans in the Atelier"
Oil and acrylic on canvas

Oil and acrylic on canvas

Hector Fernandez, "Zebra Under Maintenance"
Oil and acrylic on canvas

Hector Fernandez is a modern artist from Barcelona. I found his works in Le Siants Galerie. Arn't they just superb?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Our new hobby and a quick crochet project

I'm happy to announce that we have a new hobby starting today. It's gardening! Actually I allways was terrible with plants, with me those who could live years without water were dying from overwatering, and thos who loved water were usually found dry like a mummy. But I hope this time it will be different, besides this time it's my husband with me aswell, so together we are capable of everything :)
That's why in today we went to a store and bought different herbs, a huge Bay Tree and a pot of English lavender for our bedroom. Bay Tree went to a special big pot, herbs will grow in a two tier flower fountain and lavender had to stay in it's original dirty black pot. I just couldn't let it look like this in my bedroom. And then myrnToOldEditoe up with the idea to crochet some kind of a cozy for it using the T-shirt yarn. Took me about an hour to do it and this is how it looks:




What do you think about it?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Who needs an egg cozy?

No, seriously, do you use them? I don't and never actually did. But in february I was thinking a lot about them because of the wonderfull wool shop - Knitters world Scarborough. They announced an egg cozy competition and I really wanted to take part. Not only because of the prize, but mostly because it's fun.
So meet My very special Egg Cozy Bunny:

egg cozy bunny

Right, who else could I make?! Heve you noticed that I'm really huge fan of bunnies? Have no idea why, but they are my favourite creatures to make. And I really love each and every one I make.
Don't think that my bunny doesn't have legs. He does! This is the whole bunny:

egg cozy bunny full

And one more thing that reminded me the power of life:


This was the rose my husband brought me on the 25th of february (it was our first kiss anniversary). The rose itself had to be thrown avay a couple of days ago, but then I noticed this little young leaves growing on it and just couldn't do anything bad to them. So I had to keep them and now they live on my kitchen window in a glass of water. Have no idea what to do with them later.

Oh, oh, and the most important news - My Little Man rolled over from his back to belly this week for the first time in his life!!! I'm soooo proud of him!