Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Colourfull set. Tea cozy and coasters.

Just realized, that I forgot to share one bright  crocheted set I made in the end of 2011 for a friend. And I think it's worse sharing.

Granny tea cozy


granny tea cozy and doilies

It's the set of tea cozy and 6 coasters. For the coasters pattern I used the Flower coaster pattern from lovely Sucrette, but I slichtly changed it. This is how the original looks:

I changed row 4 as I didn't want big holes in my coasters. I made 4 dc ch1 instead of 3 dc ch2 all the row round.
And the tea pot was a variation of the same pattern on top and then grany style net.
I didn't make the pattern for the tea cozy, because it was made exactly to match the shape of the tea pot I had, so it woun't work on bigger or smaller pots.

In the end I would like to say thank you to the pattern owner, Sucrette. Her beautiful works inspire me and I really like her blog


  1. wooow well it's really worth sharing :) beautiful :) love the colors you used :)
    Have a wonderful day,

  2. Oh, my teapot! Thanx again, I really love it and enjoy drinking tea :)

  3. oh i wish you had a pattern for that tea pot cozy - LOVE it !!!!!