Sunday, 11 March 2012

My Little Man's first trip


On friday, as my husband had a day off we decided to make a one-day trip and chose Whitby for that purpose. The most important thing was that this trip was the first one for our Little Man. He did well in the bus and was ok almoust all the time in the town. But before going back he started screaming and crying for no reason so we decided that probably this trip was too long for him and we should vait before trying to make something similar again.
Still I managed to make some pictures.











Whitby is a nice town with it's own atmosphere, but it's a really small one in comparison with ours. Still the sea was amazing. And scones in Whitby Tea Rooms were good aswell. There we stopped to feed Little Man and to have some coffee.



That's how the Little Man looked when asleep. Most of the time back he was like that and woke up in the last 20 min. Then I had to take him and we were looking at the hills, houses and trees we passed.


Probably he is really too small for going somewhere for the whole day, but i just couldn't sit at home one more day. I really needed some new places. And I like the process of going to some destination. Sometimes I like that even more than the destination point itself.
Now, with Little Man it's all different. But I hope to show him how beautifull this world is and that traveling is wonderfull, because it is a process of collecting world beauty in your treasury. I hope he will like it as I do.

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  1. Hi Darya... it looks like you had a lovely day out...I'm glad you made it to Whitby.,..I have never been there myself, but your photos make me want to go. A couple of years ago I went to India... it was all amazing, all new, all wonderful... but exhausting because it was ALL so new and different... when my children were little I used to think it must be like that for them.. there they are in the same house, the same chair, safe little bed.... the same sounds etc.. then off we go for a day trip and EVERYTHING changes.. even the smells are different...Little Man probably had a fantastic time, but it is exhausting going to new places...even if it is only Whitby! Keep trying...he will soon love travelling as much as you do :)x