Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Who needs an egg cozy?

No, seriously, do you use them? I don't and never actually did. But in february I was thinking a lot about them because of the wonderfull wool shop - Knitters world Scarborough. They announced an egg cozy competition and I really wanted to take part. Not only because of the prize, but mostly because it's fun.
So meet My very special Egg Cozy Bunny:

egg cozy bunny

Right, who else could I make?! Heve you noticed that I'm really huge fan of bunnies? Have no idea why, but they are my favourite creatures to make. And I really love each and every one I make.
Don't think that my bunny doesn't have legs. He does! This is the whole bunny:

egg cozy bunny full

And one more thing that reminded me the power of life:


This was the rose my husband brought me on the 25th of february (it was our first kiss anniversary). The rose itself had to be thrown avay a couple of days ago, but then I noticed this little young leaves growing on it and just couldn't do anything bad to them. So I had to keep them and now they live on my kitchen window in a glass of water. Have no idea what to do with them later.

Oh, oh, and the most important news - My Little Man rolled over from his back to belly this week for the first time in his life!!! I'm soooo proud of him!


  1. Darya that is THE cutest egg cosy I have ever seen... when do you find out if it wins?? :)x

  2. Oh, thanks! He's nice but you haven't seen the others. :) I really should make some pictures and post them here.
    now it's the voting period and we'll know the results on the 1st of April.