Tuesday, 24 January 2012

"Green fields" blanket in process

Today it's raining, so we had to cancel our walk to the beach with Little Man and his dad. We are staying at home and my lovely husband cooks the dinner while I can sit with my Little Man and some crochet.
Now my big project on the go is a blanket I called "Green fields" because of the green and blue colours on it.

green fields crochet blanket 3

It all started in November a week before my little one was born, when I was checking out my stash and decided to use some odments of blue and green by crocheting small squares and joining them together.

green fields crochet blanket 2

This is how it is growing so far:
green fields crochet blanket 4

Sunday, 22 January 2012

A jacket for my Little Man

Yesturday we played a model and photographer with my Little Man, because a day before I just finished a knitted jacked for him. So, we proudly present Little Man and his brand new jacket:

baby jacket

He really seems to enjoy it.

baby jacket

And I really like the coconut buttons.

baby jacket collar

Why is this jacket so important? Well, it's not the first thing I designed myself, but definitelly the first one I managed to write the pattern for. It doesn't look clear jet, but I'm working on it and in a couple of days it will be available fere for each and everyone.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Year 2011

my craft 2011 by crochetomania
my craft 2011, a photo by crochetomania on Flickr.

Well, this is how year 2011 looks like. Not bad, isn't it? Actually, there should be about 10 pictures more, but I still sometimes forget to make a picture of finished project before I give it away.
It was a good year not only in my crafty life, but in my personal life aswell. I become a wife of my heroe and a mum of my angel that is why I really think this year changed my life.
Thank you, Year 2011! Hope 2012 will be as good as you were.

new beginning

I think this is a great day to start a new blog. At least this WAS a great day about 20 minutes ago when it still was the 1st of January.
But anyway, now I'm here and this is the place where I am planning to post all the news about my projects, designs and dreams. You are all wellcome to join me in my bright little world.