Sunday, 22 January 2012

A jacket for my Little Man

Yesturday we played a model and photographer with my Little Man, because a day before I just finished a knitted jacked for him. So, we proudly present Little Man and his brand new jacket:

baby jacket

He really seems to enjoy it.

baby jacket

And I really like the coconut buttons.

baby jacket collar

Why is this jacket so important? Well, it's not the first thing I designed myself, but definitelly the first one I managed to write the pattern for. It doesn't look clear jet, but I'm working on it and in a couple of days it will be available fere for each and everyone.


  1. Hi Darya! I didn't realise you had a blog of your nice to see a brand new blog! Your little man is very handsome and he looks so happy in his little cardigan... it is beautiful! Have fun blogging! :)x

  2. Thanks! I've just started, but I hope it will be lots of fun to have a blog full of stories about my hobbies and my family ) And you are allways welcome, of course. ))