Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Just a little To-do-list

I've got so much going on here and so many ideas in my head so I feel urgent need in writing them down or I might forget something.
So, in this two month time I want (or even I need) to do the following:

1. Baby blanket (should be a crochet ripple but I might change my mind because I didn't start yet, just picked up the colours)
2. A crochet teddy bear (again - picked up the yarn and still thinking about the design)
3. Would be great to finish "Green fields" blanket (wow-wow, that's brave - it still needs some 80 rows)
4. Need to crochet a couple of bunnies like this in yellow and purple perhaps and finish the pattern for them
5. Need to finish a crib bamper quilt for my Little Man's bed (found some tutorials on Vanilla joy).
6. I have an idea of pillows for baby room and all I know so far that they should be crocheted decorative pillows. Should try to make the sketches and figure out the patterns.

Isn't it too much allready, especially if I have a two-month old 24/7? But we'll try, and I should try twice as hard on 1, 2 and 6.

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