Wednesday, 22 February 2012

what is life drama and why should we be happy

I'm just sitting here, crying and thinking about life and love. I know, this blog should be happy and positive, but some words should be told.
Surfing the internet today, when my boys are asleep and I have my "hour for myself" I discovered stories about babies having EB. Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a very rare genetic condition in which the skin and internal body linings blister at the slightest knock or rub, causing painful, open wounds. More info on what is EB can be found here . And some people die from it even before they get to their first birthday. I just read some baby life stories, like Little Tripp story orLittle Leah story. Find some time, read it and you will understand why am I writing this post.

After reading I just had to make a note to myself -  be thankful for all the years, days and momenth you spend with your loved ones, give them all the love you have and even more if you can, make them happy and be happy to share every moment with them. And feel happy and lucky because you have this opportunity. Some people don't.
There are moments when I feel not happy, when I become angry when My Little Man cries too loud and for too long, when I become annoyed with my husband for some reason. But in fact I should be thankful to the God (faith or any other power above us) that they are with me, they are healthy and happy. I will really try to remember that. And there is no drama in my life, no excuse to be depressed and feel unlucky. Parrents of Tripp and Leah have dramas, this is the real disaster, and all my tiny microscopic tragedies are not.

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