Sunday, 19 August 2012

Ta-dah! Green fields blanket finished!

I finally finished my "Green fields" blanket! I started it just before Tte Little Man was born. Remembering the day in the hospital, when we had to wait for six hours (I'm kidding you not!) to get some doctors attention as I wasn't the urgent one and I was sitting there and crocheting... And then the nurse brought all the equipment to monitor the baby and it did show that I was actually having contractions, just didn't feel them! Oh, this memories are the ones that probably allways will be with me as the sweet ones, also all the rest 9 hours were full of pain, but in the end The Little Man was born and it was one of the happiest moments of my life.
Anyway, back to the blanket. It took me almoust nine months to finish, but now I'm proud to present it to the whole world :)


The edging is my favourite scallop edge:


So now it is given to my mum as a Birthday present, newer mind her Birthday is the 10th of September. I just couldn't wait for so long! And I'm really glad she likes it :)

What was my inspiration in choosing the colours? Well, I could say that it's England, the green fields in all different shades of this wonderfull colour and the grass, that stays green even in winter under the snow. And my little garden too. That's why I took some photos of it to show you.



Isn't that inspiring? Looking at this pictures I even want to start another project in green... And what usually inspires you?

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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  1. love that blanket Darya. The colours are great and the border is amazing :)