Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Brighten up the day!

So it's raining adain. And I found a yellow leaf on our table in the yard. Which probably should mean that the summer is ower. It's allways a bit sad as it just flies away so quickly and I allways have this feeling that I had so many things I wanted to do in the summer and just had no time for them. Probably, it comes from childhood and school years...
Anyway, this day is so grey, that I just wanted to brighten it up (or at least my blog) with some colourfull pictures. That's why I'll show you the project I made for a great friend and a wonderfull person on her birthday. She likes coffee, so the present had to be coffee-related.
And here it is: a mug with a mug warmer (not really shure how to call this thing), a tin with some coffee, a mug rug and a birthday card.


It all started with the mug rug and a pattern I found in Pink Penguin blog. It's owner, lovely Ayumi, kindly shared not only the pattern for it, but the wery clear instructions on how to make it. I really got inspired and started it stright away. Please bear in mind that this is my wery first mug rug and I wasn't sewing anything for quite a long time. Last time I had some experience with my sewing machine even before Little Man was born, I think. So it is not ideal. But I had so much fun making it! And I will definetly make some more. I really like the idea of a mug rug itself and it might be a good project to practice in quilting.


The mug warmer was made as a crazy quilted peace using the fabrick scraps I had from the mug rug.


And here is the other side of it.


And, of course, a Birthday card. By the way, I noticed that I really enjoy making cards with fabrick. It is allways fun and in the end you allways have a unique card that looks much more interesting than the ones in the shops. At least you can be shure that noone else will give your friend exactly the same card as you :)

So, I feel a bit more in the mood now and will go and have some knitting done. Hope you all have a nice evening and if you like sewing and are between projects at the moment, go and try Ayumi's little tea pots! You will enjoy it, I promise!

Oh, almoust forgot! Here is some new bunny inspiration:

He is sooooo cute! Found here and painted by Anastasia Loseva from Latvia, the country I originally come from and the country we (me and Little Man) are flying to in a week to meet my family.


  1. WOW - love the mug hug and mug rug :)such great colours. What a cool idea for the card as well.

    1. Thanks!
      Mug hug sounds nice! So this is how this things are called? I should remember that for some future tea and coffee related presents :)

  2. Ohh your mug rug looks so nice! The border adds such a great contrast to it! I can't believe it is your very first mug rug! It is too perfect! The matching warmer is great too!!

    1. oh, thank you! so nice to hear so many compliments from a professional :) I really like all the things you make and your lovely blog!