Monday, 9 July 2012

Cussion for grandma

My grandma had her birthday on the 5th of July and I made her a present. So here is a little story about all of that.
My grandma is a person who teached me to knit back in my childhood. She was doing a lot of sewing, knitting and embroidery and even now she still is making cross-stitch, despite her age, pains in her neck and bad eyesight.
As I remember, she allways used to have some handmade cussions on her sofa in the living room and I thought that she would love to have another one made by me. So I searched in the Internet and found a project I liked:

So we ( me and My Little Man) went to the wool shop to pick up some yarn for the project. I decided to let him pick the colours for his grandgrandma. And all the colours he was choosing were pink or a mix of pink with something else. And it wasn't some dusty pink or purple pink, noooo it was really bright pink, pinky pink, I would say. In the end we agreed to take a colour changing yarn, that had pink in it, but some other colours too.
In the process of crocheting I discovered that in DK that I was using the cussion would be too small, so I had to make 5x5, not 4x4 squares as in the original pattern. I also changed the back and just made it plain white with treble crochets.
Then I had to soak all the squares in the water, pin them to a water resistant surface and let them dry naturally.


Tons of pins and an hour later it looked like this:




It was actually a good thing to do so the squares would really look like squares. Then I joined them together using this method from lovely Lucy from Attic24, added the back part and inserted a cussion inside.

The most stupid thig is - I forgot to take a picture of the finished cussion and a birthday card I made. But I'm really glad my grandma really liked this cussion :)

About the pattern - it's really easy and, even working slowly, you could finish this in a couple of days. But, if you are going to use double knit yarn like I did, I would advise to make it 5x5 squares, otherwise you'll end up with a really tiny cussion.


  1. You should take a pic when visiting grandma :)
    When are you coming to Riga?

    1. Hopefully it will be in the middle of August. The plans are changing all the time and not because of me, so I'll let you know when I'll have the tickets :)
      And yes - I'll definetly make a picture of the finished cussion then :)

    2. I have a plenty ao plans for august, so, please, write me back, when something will be clear, so I will be able to organize my plans and take some days-off.