Monday, 16 July 2012

Some family news

Wow, it's amazing time here in our little family! My parents came all the way from Latvia to meet Little Man. My mum was here when he was born and she saw him in his very first days - a tiny little creature with big blue eyes (well, not so tiny - 3.920kg, but small anyway) and now he is 10.24kg and 76cm long and totally not tiny anymore! And my dad haven't seen him at all! Thanks to Skype they both saw him quite often, but it's not the same thing. At least he knew their voices and faces, so there was no fear when he finally saw them both. Was a bit confused with his granddad in the beginning, but recognized grandma immediatelly. That's what the mighty Internet does!
They arrived yesturday night and today was a day of family fun, new toys and gifts for Little Man. And for me too, of course. Now for two weeks my mum and dad are here with us and it means a bit more spare time for me. At least I hope so :)

And the last news - LITTLE MAN STARTED CRAWLING YESTURDAY MORNING!!! Hurray! I'm sooooooooooo proud of him!

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