Friday, 1 June 2012

Duck family busuness

There is a pond just 5min away from our house. I've posted some pictures of it in winter here and here. Now it's all changed there and last time we were there we noticed a lot of new duck families growing around the pond.


This one was the first one we met. 3 ducklings and their parrents.


The next couple had 5 ducklings. They look bigger and older but still try to be closer to mum and dad.


This family has 3 apparently big ducklings and they even were not afraid of people passing by.


Safe road crossing: one of the parrents in the front, then all the babies and the other parrent behind.

There even is a swan couple and I really wanted to find them to check if they have some babies too. Well, yes, they have! And they have a lot!



There definetly were 5 of them. May be even more as some were hiding.

And have you noticed the whole field of little white flowers on the pictures. Well, here they are:


I could not resist to make a close-up :)

Little Man was looking around from his new pram (we call it Ferrari or the fire brigade car as it's bright red), made some funny noises and even let me make a picture of him:


It is so lovely to live near such a nice place and to see how seasons change there.

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