Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My little Man's half-birthday

It is unbelievable, but yesturday My Little Man had his half-birthday! Yes, he is 6 months old now! And to me it still feels like he was born just a couple of weeks ago. but in the same time it feels like he's been with me all my life and all the years before him seem like an old movie about someone else, someone i used to know, but now barely can remember...
Anyway, yesturday we spent a lovely time out, sitting on the grass, watching duck families and ladybugs. Little Man had no cake as he is too young for it, but he had some giftshe seems to enjoy. We bought him a highchair so now he can join us while we have our dinner. And I also made a crochet garland with his name on for his room (photos will follow a bit later) and some soft crochet cubes for him to play with. I started a couple of days before, as it is not as quick to crochet all 6 sides for each cube and then join them together. Here are some colourfull pics of the process:


Love the light an this picture, but it doesn't show how really bright the colours are. This one is more precise:

Then I had to decide in what order to put them before joining it all into a cube:


And they all looked so bright and fun that I could not resist and made a couple more pictures:



The last one is my favourite.

And then, finaly, when it was all finished and presented to My Little Man I definetly could say he likes them all!


Well, I know he looks serious on this picture, but all the funny faces were blured as he was moving and trying to eat his gifts all the way long while I was playing a photographer. But he still is gorgeous, isn't he?



  1. Hi Darya... what lovely little blocks and such a handsome little man! Is it you own pattern? Hugs, Jillx

    1. Oh, thanks!
      Yes, it is my own pattern as I didn't like the ones I could find online, so I had to figure out how tho make them myself. Basically it's just 6 squares in single crochet and I joined them together with single crochet too. It's easy, just takes some time.