Thursday, 21 January 2016

In love with fabrics

To be honest I'm not only in love with yarn (that's why I have an enormous stash which I'm trying to downsize since 2014), I'm as well in love with fabrics. So today when I was passing a small clothes alterations studio I noticed a small basket there with a note "Fabtic remnants, £1 a bundle" I couldn't resist myself to dig in. And I found two lovely bundles that I just had to take home with me.
Why would I need them? Well, I had a few things in mind for quite a while but didn't have the right fabrics.

The Christmas tree decorations are from a Tesco free magazine and the bunnies are from a sewing magazine I bought a while ago. Plus there are the little owls which I absolutely Love. And they are a free pattern. Take a look:

So happy seeing to me. Now I only need to find a bit of time for it.

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