Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Time and mandalas

I think I'm getting used to say "This week was so busy/crazy/awful", I'm getting used to tell people how tired I am and what crazy things my kids do to drive me insane and turn the house into a complete mess. I'm used to those things so much, that they make my every week look and feel the same and in the end of the week I tend to forget that it was not only busy and awful, but actually it was filled with lots of different things, often - lovely and positive ones. This week was for instance filled with watching "Call the midwife", knitting red socks for my granddad, planning a trip to Latvia, thinking of participating in a craft fair and crocheting bunnies as a result, enjoying colouring books with Michael, who is three and his favourite question at the moment is "What is this?", making paper swans and teaching one year old Mathew how to dance. Not bad, I'd say :)

And this evening, when little people go to bed will be all about mandalas. The case is I made a mandala quite a while ago, before Yarndale 2014 with a plan to send it to Lucy (Attic 24 blog owner). I was imagining it being displayed with lots of other mandalas at Yarndale, but then I discovered that my design was too big for the specific sizes they wanted, so my mandala never got anywhere except my own living room. 

But when I made it it seemed that people like it and wanted a pattern. So now finally it's time to write it down and share with happy hooking community. I already made a chart using my original mandala and a tiny tester I made this week, now it only needs a written pattern for those who can't read charts. Looking forward to it:)

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