Sunday, 14 July 2013

Crazy chickenpox attack

I'm going through quite difficult times here. Both my boys - The Little Man and my husband, have chickenpox and I'm the only healthy person at home so I'm really busy right now. The Little Man needs mammy a lot, plus now he likes to scream at night until I get to him, hug him and sit with him on my knee until he gets back to sleep. During the day he is into screaming too, witch would be ok if I would not need to keep him quiet to give my husband a chance to sleep... For my husband things are much more serious - he is all covered with that chickenpox spots, could not sleep for a couple of nights as that spots were too itchy, could not work (obviously), and finally had to have some pills from the doctor. Now he is better, at least sleeping.
But I feel really tired. All of that making tea hundred times a day, treating them both as nicely as I can despite their bad mood, cooking (usually I don't cook anything except porridge at home), washing, cleaning the house... I could not do any knitting for a couple of days. I just was to tired for that in the evening.
I just wish it would all go back to normal soon.
And now I'm going to grab my Kindle and go to bed. Reading is the only hobby I still can do at the moment. Which reminds me that I need to knit (or crochet?) a case for my lovely little kindle friend when he travels with me and The little Man to Latvia this august. I really want it in bright colours so it could make me smile for no reason any time I see it :)
Like this:
Hope you all are really enjoying your weekend!
Stay safe, feel good and smile! And so will I :)

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