Friday, 1 February 2013

Just chilling

My quiet cup of coffee

Little Man is asleep, husband gone to work and I have some time to just quietly enjoy my coffee and reading.

Coffee and reading

I have a great book and an issue of Mollie Makes with me and I sit here in my quiet living room, chilling and slowly realizing how good this week actually was.

This week I've sent away quite a lot of packages for my swap partners as I joined Swap-bot and participated in a cotton square swap and a pot holder swap too. Plus I've sent some gifts to Latvia - for my granddad and my aunties on their Birthdays, and the infinity scarf I was showing you before is gone to Denmark to my sister.

I really need to get to the Post Office

When this huge pile was finally gone I felt much more relaxed. And in the same time I recieved two cotton square packs from my swap partners!

cotton squares

Well, that's a lot of squares! And there are three more packs to come, wich is great. What am I going to do with them?
From all the blue, green and purple squares I want to sew a Scottie Dog for Little Man's room. And I could make a bag for myself from all the red ones. Mmmm, sounds great.
I did some crochet for charity and need to send all of it next week to Russia. But I really enjoued the way of doing it - no rush, just relaxing with a crochet hook and some lovely yarn, enjoying every row I made. It's great in a comparrison with the last year when I was allways in a rush and knitting or crocheting not because I wanted, but because I needed to finish the projects.
Yesturday I had coffee with a good friend of mine and then finally, after a long time, went to the knitting club. So I was happy about my social life this week too.

How was your week? Hope you enjoyed it!

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