Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Two blog project. First square.

If you remember, we, me and my friend Kristina, started a two blog project. You can read about it here. The main point was - Kristina makes a photo and I use this photo as an inspiration and make a crochet square. Later this squares will be joined in a blanket.
Today I'm ready to present my first square.
So, Kristina's photo was this:

And here is what I made:


A close-up for you to see how I made it.


Of course I had to make it much more simple than the original picture and as my husband said it doesn't look exactly like the picture, but the main idea was to use the picture as an inspiration, not as a pattern, so I think I made it quite good. And I like the result. Do you?


  1. A very nice interpretation, Darya :)

    1. Thanks, Helen! Hope you will enjoy the other squares too :)