Wednesday, 4 April 2012

gone crocheting

I know, I haven't been here for a while. But it doesn't mean I didn't do anything good.
First of all - I recieved my first checque for my crocheted design pattern, Snowman family. Now they are available as one pattern in Knitter's World Scarborough. And I should confess it makes me feel extremely good as now I know for shure that things I do are interesting and important for someone.
The next great thing was two orders for my bunnies.
This way Mr Big Bunny Brother got a blue eyed twin:





The lady I made it fore asked for blue eyes as the blue eyes of her little son. Isn't it lovely? Today the bunny allready met his new family in London and they wrote me back that they really liked him :) So I'm happy-happy-happy!

The other bunny is for another lovely lady and her baby. I'm planning to give it to her tomorrow and hope she likes it too. Now I'm still working on him:


Plus I was finishing some gifts for our cousin's baby, who is expected on the 8th of April. The pictures will follow.

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